We’re revolutionizing how Ontarians are managing chronic conditions.

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We Help People Build Resilience

You don’t have to face challenges alone to be resilient. True resilience is about using all the resources available to you to ease your struggles. At Novah Healthcare, we help you to become aware of all the resilience resources in your life and guide you on how to effectively use those resources. As a result, our patients are better able to control their conditions and return to full, functional lives.

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Our Services

We have a wide array of services ranging from chiropractic, psychotherapy, biofeedback therapy, pedorthics and more to help you improve your quality of life and regain control of your condition.


Provides custom and non-custom orthopaedic solutions such as foot orthotics, footwear modification and lower limb bracing to relieve pain and enhance performance.

Physiotherapy and Pelvic Care
Physiotherapy and
Pelvic Care

Offers solutions to relieve pain, improve physical well-being and provide you with skills to prevent future injuries.


Ensures optimal functioning of the muscles, joints and nerves through education and manual therapies.


Therapy to address the social, occupational and emotional issues that prevent you from functioning optimally.

Biofeedback Therapy

Uses technology that helps you learn to control muscle tension and other body responses to reduce pain and stress.

Massage Therapy

Utilizes hands-on techniques to release tension in the body; thereby, increasing mobility and function.

Chronic Pain Management

Using a resilience approach, we work collaboratively with you to help you gain control of your life and your pain.

PoNS™ Treatment

A comprehensive 14-week treatment program intended for patients with chronic balance and gait deficits due to mild-to-moderate brain injury or Multiple Sclerosis and is to be used in conjunction with physical therapy.

NeuroCatch® Platform

A Health Canada approved medical device that offers a simple, objective way to measure brain function.

Meet Our Team

Our team at Novah Healthcare consists of innovative clinicians in the management of chronic conditions.

Dr. Ngo’s TED Talk

When faced with adversity, why do some people become stronger while others break down? In this talk, Dr. Ngo discusses some of the factors that can enhance resilience.