Welcome to a revolutionary approach to managing chronic pain.

At Novah, we treat chronic pain by helping you to build resilience.

Chronic Pain.

One of the worst challenges a person has to face in life. You’re trying to function with a pain level that would incapacitate most people but you “look normal” and current diagnostic tests don’t show a specific cause…so nobody believes you.

Understanding It.

Pain tells you that something is wrong. Scar tissues may be limiting your movements…or you might think that you’re never good enough…or you don’t feel valued at work. Over time these threats will create negative changes in your body and mind. Medications can only give you temporary relief because the problem is still there.

Treating It.

By building resilience. Resilience is about being aware of the threats in your life and developing strategies to avoid or deal with them. We guide you to explore resources in your life to help you feel safe and confident regardless of the challenges you face. We want you to live a life that is not limited by pain.

Explore Chronic Pain Ailments & Treatments

We have a wide array of services to relieve your Chronic Pain and improve your function. Our services can be provided independently or in combination and we’re happy to collaborate with professionals that you trust who are outside of our organization.


We will work with you to determine the best combination of services for your needs. No matter what services you access at Novah, our goal is to enhance your resilience for your current challenges and beyond.

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Chronic Pain

First time visiting Novah, I was very happy with the experience. Dr.Trung. He took his time and explained in full details with my 12 year old's condition, did a thorough examination, and showed us what we can do at home to help improve the condition. The whole time he was asking all the questions to my 12 year old, treating her like a responsible adult. That was great!

Ivy I. Mississauga

PoNS for Multiple Sclerosis

I've been having treatment sessions at Novah while I used the PoNs device for MS rehab. The entire staff especially Asha, the physiotherapist, have been exemplary in teaching, assisting and instructing me throughout two 14-week programs. My gait and balance have improved a great deal and I'm looking forward to continuing my exercises and experiencing further improvements. I deeply thank everyone at Novah for their impeccable support compassion and guidance.

Angelo Toronto


Unparalleled customer service, I love coming to this clinic and I have brought my family here. Ashton Lo is extremely knowledgeable and fun, and the orthotics he makes himself gave me more freedom. He is a true professional. Thank you so much everyone from the receptionist to the owner for the conversations and for being accommodating and kind!

Rona Z. Toronto


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We will not give up on you & will support you as you help yourself - however that may look.

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