About Novah

Novah” is an anagram of the Vietnamese phrase “Vô Hạn” which means “Without Limits.”

At Novah Healthcare our mission is to help you live without being limited by your symptoms.

Science tells us that our bodies, our minds and our surroundings are strongly linked so they all affect our health. To have long lasting control of your condition, changes need to be made in your life because the status quo is probably contributing to your symptoms.

But change is scary because it requires you to invest your time,  energy and money and there’s no guarantee that things will be better. 

You may think “my situation is bad but at least it’s predictable!”

Resilience – the best approach to achieving physical and mental wellness.

Resilience is the capacity to successfully deal with hardships. It requires 3 equally important factors: awareness of yourself and your situation; personal skills to navigate difficulties; and an environment that is rich in social and material resources.

At Novah Healthcare, we provide a non-judgmental, safe and supportive space for you. We also help you to re-evaluate your physical and social environment to ensure that you feel validated, safe and supported on a daily basis.

When you have a predictable safety net in your life, it’s much less intimidating to create changes. Our team will guide you to become more self-aware and we will coach you to learn different ways of moving, thinking, feeling and interacting with others so you can improve your quality of life.

Our Values

Our five unique core values reflect our own personal and professional experiences with adversity.

1. No egos and no silos

Since each person is unique, we must be flexible with our approach to your care and we must collaborate with others to get a fuller perspective of you. We strive to leave our egos outside of the clinic because they cause rigid thinking which results in your care being compromised.

2. True empathy

We strive to see things from your perspective, unclouded by our own perceptions, even if we’ve been through similar challenges.

3. Integrity

We do as we say and say as we do. We hold ourselves and others accountable to this.

4. Comprehensive

Chronic health conditions are not simple, so there is no such thing as a simple cure for them. We need to address your vulnerabilities and resources appropriately in order to improve your condition and enhance your overall wellness. Whether you need therapy, advocacy or coaching, we will strive to provide you with it.

5. Failure IS an option

The idea that “you can succeed at anything in life as long as you work hard enough and have the right attitude” is simply not true. There are many factors outside of our control that affect success and failure. It is always ok to fail as long as you’ve asked yourself the questions: 1) did I do everything I was able to do? and 2) what did I learn from this experience?

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