Psychotherapy creates positive changes in your relationship with yourself and others.

It helps you identify and develop skills to change your negative thoughts, emotions and behaviors in order to improve your quality of life. You may receive supportive counselling, stress management, anger management and various psychological therapies as part of your treatment plan.

What to Expect

At first, our Psychotherapist will create a safe space for you by simply talking to you person to person.  You will get to know them while they get to know you. They will explore your strengths, resources and joys and help you reflect on what has been helpful in your life and areas that need more support. When you feel ready, they may ask you about your past experiences and future goals or expectations.

Psychotherapists are nonjudgmental and compassionate. They are specifically trained to carefully listen to and analyze your psychological, social and environmental needs. We understand that it takes time to build trust with someone so discuss only what you are comfortable with.

We also take confidentiality very seriously. Our therapist will go over your confidentiality agreement during your first session – please don’t hesitate to ask any questions.

Based on the information you provide to your therapist, an individualized treatment plan will be designed for your particular needs. The plan often involves teaching grounding and relaxation techniques, developing awareness of how your mind and body respond to different situations, building new coping strategies and addressing any interpersonal or environmental factors contributing to your problems.  As an objective outsider, your Psychotherapist will guide you through what you may not be able to see yourself.

The time taken for clients to feel better varies based on their primary diagnosis, their support system and the client themselves. Some clients feel better after a few sessions, whereas some may need years or lifelong sessions of psychotherapy to manage their mental health. To see positive results, clients ultimately need to understand they have a problem, recognize the need for change and follow the treatment plan advised by the therapist.

Psychotherapy is beneficial in treating:


Chronic fatigue

Chronic pain




Panic attacks

Post-traumatic stress disorder

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