Without Limits


The word "Novah" is an anagram of the Vietnamese phrase "Vô Hạn" which means "Without limits."  In this first blog, I'd like to share with you the meaning behind our clinic name.

I was born in Vietnam during a turbulent time in its history.  My family escaped by boat and eventually we settled in British Columbia.  Although the events of my escape were quite dramatic, it was the long process of assimilating into a foreign land that proved to be more of a challenge.  Being raised amidst two different (and oftentimes conflicting) cultures, I struggled to find my own identity and place in this world.  I never felt comfortable with who I was...

Curiously, life led me to work with people whose lives were limited or arrested by pain.  Fortunately, I was privileged enough to work with an interdisciplinary team (consisting of medical, physical, psychological and occupational professionals) that helped me to understand each person-in-pain from a more global perspective.

Each of our patients have seen numerous healthcare practitioners who have provided them with only temporary relief.  But pain is an indicator that something is not right in life, so offering pain relief without addressing the unique factors that perpetuate a person's pain cannot provide lasting results.  Some of our patients have been helped by simply learning better ways to sit at a computer, play with their children or navigate stairs.  Others were able to reduce their pain by understanding the link between stress and pain and learning strategies to reduce the stress that is triggered by certain situations and people in their lives.  Still others have required an accepting environment in which to process difficult times in their pasts.

During my years in practice, I have had the pleasure of meeting people with diverse talents from various cultural and educational backgrounds.  Through these interactions, I have come to realize that it is alright for me to not know fully who I am or my place in the world...very few people do know.  A large part of the excitement in the journey of life is blazing our own individual paths.

In appreciation for this gift of wisdom my patients have given me, I have led my team to help many people like you to realize that if you learn to properly treat yourself (by how you move, think and feel) and interact with others, you will be free to enjoy your unique journey....without the limits imposed by pain.

Dr. Trung Ngo founded Novah Healthcare in 2017, an interdisciplinary clinic that specializes in the conservative management of acute and chronic pain. His Novah clinic will continue the work he did from 2011 to 2017 at Mount Sinai Hospital, where he led an interdisciplinary team in assessing and treating complex, chronic, non-cancer pain. His Mount Sinai team helped patients decrease their pain, improve their daily and vocational functioning and reduce or eliminate their intake of pain medications (including opioids). Dr. Ngo graduated from the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College and subsequently pursued a residency program at Hamilton General Hospital in which he furthered his training in orthopaedics and pain management.

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