Everyone’s experience of pain is real, yet different, so chronic pain treatment should be unique for each person.

About Chronic Pain

Chronic pain is complex, so chronic pain treatment should not be simplistic. Although it is felt in the body, many factors can affect your experience of pain. For example, a calm environment and supportive friends can ease pain but financial worries and stressful work can intensify it. At Novah Healthcare we recognize that you understand your pain more than anyone else, so we collaborate with you to develop a treatment strategy that is suited to your individual needs. Using this approach, we will help you gain control of your pain and your life!

Building Resilience - The Best Approach to Treatment

People living with pain can feel as if they have no control over their pain. In addition to that, various resources and stresses in their lives can make the pain better or worse. The most effective chronic pain treatment should always take these factors into consideration: 






Memories of the past

Expectations about the future



Physical surroundings


Social justice



Quite often, these factors are the main cause of the pain being perpetuated.

At Novah Healthcare, we take the time to carefully listen to you and we work collaboratively with you to figure out which of these factors you can and cannot control. We then coach you on how to maximize your resources and minimize your stresses. Our approach increases your sense of control over your circumstances because it will reveal different choices in your life that you may not realize you had. 

By combining therapies that provide pain relief with guidance on how to effectively control your life, our chronic pain treatment approach will provide you with relief that is lasting.