“Our mission is to empower our patients to help them regain control of their lives with a cost-effective treatment plan that has long lasting results.”

About Us

Novah is an anagram of the Vietnamese phrase "Vô Hạn" which means "Without Limits." Those who live with chronic pain often feel as if their only options are to suffer with their pain or rely on medications and therapies to give them relief. Novah Healthcare provides innovative, individualized care which aims to equip patients with the appropriate skills to identify and manage the physical, psychological and social issues that cause or prolong their pain. By helping our patients to understand and control their pain themselves, we enable our patients to resume a life that is not limited by pain.


"The quality of care, the knowledge and the commitment from him and his team gave me a better quality of life."

— Lynn S.

"The excellent all-encompassing treatment plan for chronic pain has had an enormous positive impact on my life. I've gone from barely functioning to active and energetic in a short time."

— Val V.

"The truly thoughtful and dedicated level of care and compassion I am receiving at Novah Healthcare is unparalleled."

— Pamela B.

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What Makes Us Unique

Novah Healthcare is an innovative, quality driven healthcare provider of individualized treatment programs for the physiological and psychological needs of our patients. The conditions we treat include musculoskeletal injuries, hormone imbalances, gastrointestinal complaints, chronic pain and emotional trauma.

Our integrated approach combines scientific evidence with extensive clinical experience and shared expertise. Therefore, we see you as a whole person and can pinpoint the specific factors that are causing or perpetuating your condition. This results in cost-effective treatment with long-lasting results.

We have a proven track record of improving physical/psychological symptoms and optimizing functioning at home and at work. The majority of our patients have also been able to significantly reduce or eliminate their medications (including opioids, neuropathic medications and mood stabilizers).